CAPTURED is a Singapore-based agency made up of six talented creatives who believe in the power of visual storytelling.

The story of CAPTURED began in 2012, when three creatives banded together to make meaningful work while remaining financially sustainable. 

This is ever more important in a world that is bombarded by 1.8 billion images everyday. More than ever, it is important to create visual content that stands out from the clutter.

How does CAPTURED do that?

Ours is a team hard-wired for the art of telling stories. Armed with diverse talents and skills, including photojournalism, reportage, film-making, copy writing and creative design, CAPTURED harnesses the synergy within to produce the results you need. 

Be it an annual report, a commemorative book, a marketing campaign, or a corporate portrait, we blend your story seamlessly into our visual product.

So go on, let real storytellers tell your story. 


Tell us your story today. Feel free to bounce your ideas off us at info[at]captured.com.sg